The Swedish Riot Police Officers caught a while ago ‘dramatizing homosexual relations’ with a male prostitute are reported to have a history of such drama.

The nine apparently enjoyed airing their private nightsticks during mutual naked workout sessions in the Police Gym. The gym is also open for female officers, as the Swedish media a little naively points out — Could we presume that any female walking in would only serve to distract the boys playing. Bring out the softer side of the Swedish Police Officers, so to say.

A more appalling detail describes the officers butt naked making sandwiches for their instructors. Photos later emerged of a naked cop throbbing the sandwiches with his penis.

Eric Nord, the Commander of Field Duty Officers points out the information is ‘as yet unverified.’ Previoplinary Board who are reporteusly, after having been caught pants down with a male prostitute, the nine officers were reported to be ‘deeply regretful.’ Today, all nine are in active duty and carry weapons. They risk a warning from the Police Discid to be looking into their conduct.