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Two men, connected to the criminal gang ‘Fucked For Life,’ FFL, have each been sentenced to two years in prison for having had a 18 year old man forcefully tattooed.  The man who did the tattooing was sentenced to three months in prison.

The 18-year old victim, who is not connected with the gang, had a tattoo that spelled ‘Förstörd För livet.’ The Swedish text means ‘Destroyed for Life.’  The gang members took it that the man was using their sign, and had the tattoo forcefully covered with a new tattoo.

My first reaction was, as I read the news, that I am glad the gang members are locked in.  My second reaction, as I consider the length of the sentence and compare it to recent Swedish sentencing, is that this is a shining and a very scary example on how the Swedish justice operates.  The sentencing is based on sentiments, presumed consensus (the judge taking the freedom to presume what the consensus is), and on community standards that are also presumed. With a little law mixed in for the sake of appearances.

This is the very common frame of mind in Sweden: Presumed entitlement.  A very short-sighted striving to the good of the commune, without the insight that such stretching of the very foundation of the society is undermining the society it is supposed to serve,  even as it shortsightedly may seem justified.

Let’s look at another recent case.  A forty-two years old man supplied a fourteen years old girl who was in treatment for drugs addiction with amphetamines and had [according to the girl, forced] intercourse with her.  The girl subsequently committed suicide just before she was to appear at court to testify about that the man had raped her.    Even though Sweden recognizes statutory rape, the man was excused and not sentenced for rape because the dead girl did not appear in court to testify that force was used.  The man was sentenced for 18 months.

One can only speculate what the sentencing would have been, had the 42-year old had the epitaph ‘gang member’ attached to his name. There is no question it would have been more than 18 months.  Also, considering the extreme leniency of the judgment it is fair to speculate that the life of a drug addict, or her right not to be forced to have sex, is not as much worth as those of an average Swedish schoolgirl.

That is the sorry state of a nation where sentiments and presumptions count more than laws and human rights.  Of course, those who have the power to exercise such arbitrary justice think Sweden is fantastic.

There has been a lot of discussion lately as to why Swedish men rape , since an EU research project revealed that rape in Sweden is twice as common per capita than it is in the second place holder, UK; and four times as common as in Germany.

Some of the reasons that have come up is the Swedish denial of the fact — Any Swede will be quick come with the factually incorrect excuse, claiming that the foreign nationals stand for the majority of rapes.  Another thing that is commonly brought up in the international discussions is the Swedish tradition of holding double standards.

There is a troubling discrepancy between the image Sweden and the Swedes are projecting of themselves out to the world – that of enlightened, peaceful and loving people, and the often very harsh reality which according to the Swedish model is preferrably not spoken of at all, or if they must, spoken of in Swedish only.

This weekend, Sweden’s ‘Peace and Love’ event in Borlänge truly became an event that is representative of Sweden as two girls have been reported to be raped in the festival.

Peace and Love, the Swedish Way.

Johan af Donner, the Swedish Weasel who Frauded the Red Cross 2.7 million

Johan af Donner, the Swedish Weasel who Frauded the Red Cross 2.7 million

Johan af Donner, The Swedish Red Cross chief who financed his life in luxury by defrauding the Red Cross of 2.7 million, is reported to have created his academic records using liquid paper and scissors.


Af Donner was taken into custody last Thursday charged with fraud, and spent the midsummer solstice weekend behind bars. The Donner came to work for the Swedish Red Cross as he claimed in his CV to have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Stockholm. The University officials confirm that af Donner was a student at SU in the 1970’s he never received a degree.

According to, a source tells that af Donner has falsified a fake transcript of his academic record by modifying one belonging to one of his friends using liquid paper and pasting his own personal information to it.
Copies of both, af Donner’s fake one, and the original used to fake it were discovered when af Donner left them behind afgter having been fired from a previous job at MK Advertizing Agency.

An investigation following the firing of Af Donner by MK advertizing agency revealed a 1.2 millions worth of work for MK that has not been billed..

The af Donner’s lived the life in the fashionable and expensive Swedish Weasel neighborhood of Östermalm, the Swedish authorities were trying to hunt him and his wife down for unpaid taxes and student loans. They enjoyed fast sports cars, an expensive private boarding school for their 17 years old son, and a luxury apartment.

Af Donner was fired from the Swedish Red Cross this May after having been caught cunning the organization by counterfeiting invoices and false billing. A friend is reported to have commented on af Donner having been sincerely sorry for having to leave – understandable, considering the perks.

Following the revelations of fraud, yet another former employer of af Donner has surfaced, the Swedish Cancer Society, where av Donner was operating 1997-2004. The organization has launched an investigation but no evidence of wrong doing has yet been found.

Updated June 27, 2009.  Af Donner has also been charged with charges for stealing from the Swedish Cancer Institute.

This article starts a News of Sweden series on Swedish Weasels. See our Swedish Weasels set on Flickr

“Drunkedness, battery, drunk driving and fights” reports the Swedish public television on on the barely started Swedish midsummer celebration, and continue “but no more than ordinary weekend. It appears the cold weather, with rain in many places in the country, has had a calming effect on the celebration.”

“Many young people are reported in Köpingsvik, north of Borgholm in Öland,” the police say, “so we have a possibility of chaos there. However, the chaos has not entered yet.”

Saturday morning,  there is one  death by stabbing and several injured in Köpingsvik to report.  Being this was the only violent death during the midsummer in Sweden, the prognosis of calm celebration have shown to be on target.  Considering the rampant intoxication, the four traffic deaths are also a very low figure indeed.

Cop: I agree with the one who said, This time you showed up in a wrong municipality, fucking foreigners!

Prosecutors have abandoned their investigation into the case of a Malmö police officer who uttered racist slurs during disturbances in Malmö’s Rosengård district in December

“The remarks didn’t go any further than a few individuals and it is therefore not a punishable offense.”

One might wonder about the reasoning, given that the tape was broadcast nationally.

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A 27 years old Swedish police employee in Gothenburg has been sentenced to three years in prison for raping four different girls, allyounger than fifteen years old.  The man raped the girls in his apartment between December 2008 and March 2009.

Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe – twice as many as “runner up” the UK, a new study shows.

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A 53 years old Swedish doctor, who sedated a young female patient and raped her, has been freed by the Swedish Court of appeals.

The 20 years old woman was severely ill psychologically, and had tried to commit suicide several times.  Her 53 years old male doctor offered her strong sedatives she was to take at the doctor’s office.  Having sedated the young woman, the doctor had an intercourse with her.

According to the local court in Malmö, Sweden, the criminal sexual violation lasted for a year, and during the time the doctor caused the woman to develop addiction to the strong sedatives.  The local court sentenced the doctor to 18 months in prison for sexual violation.

But the court of appeals frees the doctor from all charges.  According to the court, the fact that the doctor knew about the psychological problems the patient was suffering, and the fact that he sedated her prior to having intercourse with her, does not indicate that the doctor was taking advantage of the young woman.

The doctor has been previously a suspect in two investigations on sexual crimes.  A previous case didn’t lead to prosecution, while another earlier case where the doctor was prosecuted was never tried since the female victim was too ill to appear in court.

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