Johan af Donner, the Swedish Weasel who Frauded the Red Cross 2.7 million

Johan af Donner, the Swedish Weasel who Frauded the Red Cross 2.7 million

Johan af Donner, The Swedish Red Cross chief who financed his life in luxury by defrauding the Red Cross of 2.7 million, is reported to have created his academic records using liquid paper and scissors.


Af Donner was taken into custody last Thursday charged with fraud, and spent the midsummer solstice weekend behind bars. The Donner came to work for the Swedish Red Cross as he claimed in his CV to have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Stockholm. The University officials confirm that af Donner was a student at SU in the 1970’s he never received a degree.

According to, a source tells that af Donner has falsified a fake transcript of his academic record by modifying one belonging to one of his friends using liquid paper and pasting his own personal information to it.
Copies of both, af Donner’s fake one, and the original used to fake it were discovered when af Donner left them behind afgter having been fired from a previous job at MK Advertizing Agency.

An investigation following the firing of Af Donner by MK advertizing agency revealed a 1.2 millions worth of work for MK that has not been billed..

The af Donner’s lived the life in the fashionable and expensive Swedish Weasel neighborhood of Östermalm, the Swedish authorities were trying to hunt him and his wife down for unpaid taxes and student loans. They enjoyed fast sports cars, an expensive private boarding school for their 17 years old son, and a luxury apartment.

Af Donner was fired from the Swedish Red Cross this May after having been caught cunning the organization by counterfeiting invoices and false billing. A friend is reported to have commented on af Donner having been sincerely sorry for having to leave – understandable, considering the perks.

Following the revelations of fraud, yet another former employer of af Donner has surfaced, the Swedish Cancer Society, where av Donner was operating 1997-2004. The organization has launched an investigation but no evidence of wrong doing has yet been found.

Updated June 27, 2009.  Af Donner has also been charged with charges for stealing from the Swedish Cancer Institute.

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