There has been a lot of discussion lately as to why Swedish men rape , since an EU research project revealed that rape in Sweden is twice as common per capita than it is in the second place holder, UK; and four times as common as in Germany.

Some of the reasons that have come up is the Swedish denial of the fact — Any Swede will be quick come with the factually incorrect excuse, claiming that the foreign nationals stand for the majority of rapes.  Another thing that is commonly brought up in the international discussions is the Swedish tradition of holding double standards.

There is a troubling discrepancy between the image Sweden and the Swedes are projecting of themselves out to the world – that of enlightened, peaceful and loving people, and the often very harsh reality which according to the Swedish model is preferrably not spoken of at all, or if they must, spoken of in Swedish only.

This weekend, Sweden’s ‘Peace and Love’ event in Borlänge truly became an event that is representative of Sweden as two girls have been reported to be raped in the festival.

Peace and Love, the Swedish Way.