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A 53 years old Swedish doctor, who sedated a young female patient and raped her, has been freed by the Swedish Court of appeals.

The 20 years old woman was severely ill psychologically, and had tried to commit suicide several times.  Her 53 years old male doctor offered her strong sedatives she was to take at the doctor’s office.  Having sedated the young woman, the doctor had an intercourse with her.

According to the local court in Malmö, Sweden, the criminal sexual violation lasted for a year, and during the time the doctor caused the woman to develop addiction to the strong sedatives.  The local court sentenced the doctor to 18 months in prison for sexual violation.

But the court of appeals frees the doctor from all charges.  According to the court, the fact that the doctor knew about the psychological problems the patient was suffering, and the fact that he sedated her prior to having intercourse with her, does not indicate that the doctor was taking advantage of the young woman.

The doctor has been previously a suspect in two investigations on sexual crimes.  A previous case didn’t lead to prosecution, while another earlier case where the doctor was prosecuted was never tried since the female victim was too ill to appear in court.


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