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“Drunkedness, battery, drunk driving and fights” reports the Swedish public television on on the barely started Swedish midsummer celebration, and continue “but no more than ordinary weekend. It appears the cold weather, with rain in many places in the country, has had a calming effect on the celebration.”

“Many young people are reported in Köpingsvik, north of Borgholm in Öland,” the police say, “so we have a possibility of chaos there. However, the chaos has not entered yet.”

Saturday morning,  there is one  death by stabbing and several injured in Köpingsvik to report.  Being this was the only violent death during the midsummer in Sweden, the prognosis of calm celebration have shown to be on target.  Considering the rampant intoxication, the four traffic deaths are also a very low figure indeed.


A 53 years old Swedish doctor, who sedated a young female patient and raped her, has been freed by the Swedish Court of appeals.

The 20 years old woman was severely ill psychologically, and had tried to commit suicide several times.  Her 53 years old male doctor offered her strong sedatives she was to take at the doctor’s office.  Having sedated the young woman, the doctor had an intercourse with her.

According to the local court in Malmö, Sweden, the criminal sexual violation lasted for a year, and during the time the doctor caused the woman to develop addiction to the strong sedatives.  The local court sentenced the doctor to 18 months in prison for sexual violation.

But the court of appeals frees the doctor from all charges.  According to the court, the fact that the doctor knew about the psychological problems the patient was suffering, and the fact that he sedated her prior to having intercourse with her, does not indicate that the doctor was taking advantage of the young woman.

The doctor has been previously a suspect in two investigations on sexual crimes.  A previous case didn’t lead to prosecution, while another earlier case where the doctor was prosecuted was never tried since the female victim was too ill to appear in court.

The Swedish Riot Police Officers caught a while ago ‘dramatizing homosexual relations’ with a male prostitute are reported to have a history of such drama.

The nine apparently enjoyed airing their private nightsticks during mutual naked workout sessions in the Police Gym. The gym is also open for female officers, as the Swedish media a little naively points out — Could we presume that any female walking in would only serve to distract the boys playing. Bring out the softer side of the Swedish Police Officers, so to say.

A more appalling detail describes the officers butt naked making sandwiches for their instructors. Photos later emerged of a naked cop throbbing the sandwiches with his penis.

Eric Nord, the Commander of Field Duty Officers points out the information is ‘as yet unverified.’ Previoplinary Board who are reporteusly, after having been caught pants down with a male prostitute, the nine officers were reported to be ‘deeply regretful.’ Today, all nine are in active duty and carry weapons. They risk a warning from the Police Discid to be looking into their conduct.

The Nine Swedish Riot Police Officers who were caught with their pants down with a male prostitute are back on the streets.

It has been a few weeks since the nine police officers threw a party in a cabin outside the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. An instructor would eventually find them naked ‘dramatizing some sort of homosexual relationship’

The ‘game’ is reported to have the bunch of 30-40 year old men getting out of their uniforms and play naked with their weapons – Police issued sub-machine guns. An additional hired gun, a male prostitute, had been paid to attend.

Getting off on Police Brutality?

The nine ‘deeply regretful’ cops have today resumed their duties. “We trust them to the extent that they can perform full regular active police duty,” says Eric Nord, Commander of Field Duty Officers. He does not mention whether the prostitute has returned to his active duties as well.

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