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A 42 year old man is sentenced for raping a 14 year old girl who committed  suicide shortly before she was to appear in court. He is also sentenced for a rape of an older girl, and drug offenses. The sentence is three years in prison.

The man has admitted to supplying the 14 years old, who at the time was placed in a treatment center by the Social Services in Jönköping, with amphetamines.  Since the now 15-years old girl took her life before the trial, and her testimony was the only evidence that the man has forced intercourse with her, the court convicted the man on the alternate charge of sexual exploitation.

It is important to note here, that Swedish law recognizes statutory rape of children younger than 15 years old.  Thus, according to the Swedish law, no evidence of force should be needed to sentence the man for rape.  Due to the fuzzy justice common in Sweden, h9owever, the laws are frequently disregarded, and the legal rights of individuals are quite commonly disrespected.  After seeing a number of Swedish cases, I find it fair to presume that it was the use of narcotics by the child that was in this case the demonizing factor, whereby the court chose to sentence the man for sexually assaulting  a drug addict, rather than raping a child.

Swedish courts frequently find excuses especially to disregard the law of statutory rape.  In a recent case, an 18-year old man who raped a 12 year old girl was freed, because the man was, according to the court  ‘only six years older than the child he had intercourse with.’  In other cases the courts have based their decisions on the victim seeming ‘mature for her age.’

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